I do other things, too.


For some godforsaken reason I love running, despite being not a particularly good runner. As such, my times are slow but my spirit could be considered high. Consult Strava for more.

Race Length Time
2022 NYC Marathon 26.2mi 5:13:30 (disaster)
2022 Bronx 10M 10mi 1:15:18
2021 NYC Turkey Trot 5km 22:41
2021 Bronx 10M 10mi 1:19:26


In my younger years I played far too much Minecraft. My addiction luckily lead me to a better place – an interest in computer science. I learn to code because I wanted to make cool modifications to the game; whether I succeeded in doing cool things is left to the readers discretion. I made an embarassing yet modestly successful YouTube channel and created a bunch of programs for my website 2pi.pw. In my old age I’ve retired from the game, but feel free to subscribe and click on my ads.

I’ll add more things to this eventually